Lampredotto for Christmas. My first Experience at the “Local food temple”.

Amazing (and really authentic) Experience at Il Magazzino, with Palazzo Belfiore Apartments in Florence. 


Dear readers, today I’m here to report my first experience at “Il Magazzino” , one of the best traditional restaurants in Florence,  located in Piazza della Passera, very close to Palazzo Belfiore, Apartments in Florence. Because of the Christmas’ advance, we (Palazzo Belfiore’s staff) celebrated first of all with a little toast inside one of the Palazzo’s apartments with wine and champagne, a special occasion for me and for the other members of the staff to have an informal and joyful meeting, unfortunately Isabelle was not able to join us during this moment, then we decided to have our lunch at “Il Magazzino”.At the beginning I was not so sure about this decision because, usually,” these kind of restaurants situatued in the city centre are more suitable for the tourists than the locals”,I was thinking, but then I had to change my mind. A cosy and warm atmosphere welcomed us in, and what came after was still more surprising. The restaurant has a restricted but very good menu for those who wants to taste the real Tuscan specialties, we started with delicious appetizers composed by sushi and croquettes made with lampredotto, I was very surprised about the sushi’s taste, maybe better than the original one made with fish. After these appetizers, I decided to try the typical “trippa alla Fiorentina” and I really appreciated the deliciousness of this very simple course, and to make everything better, a good bottle of red Tuscan wine. I have to definitely suggest this restaurant to everyone who wants to have a good, authentic, and also affordable meal in the city centre.