High school internship at Palazzo Belfiore

High school internship at Palazzo Belfiore

We are Simona (18) and Peter (17), students at Peano high-school and before we started our final school-year, we’ve interned at Palazzo Belfiore for 4 weeks. Our experience began June 5th and we concluded it on June 30th. In the first hours of work Federico, the manager of the company, explained us the internal structure and the operating schedule of his business. In the second week, we already managed to work in amplified autonomy and tried to complete the tasks with efficiency and ambition. We think the most interesting and at the same time the most challenging task we did at Palazzo Belfiore was with no doubt the contact with the many international guests of the Residence.

We had the opportunity to apply our commands of English we acquired over the last years at school. We gained a lot of practical experience in speaking the English language and we did not only practice the language with the guests only, but with our American coworker and intern Dara too and had a great experience thanks to her too.

In addition to the experience of speaking a foreign language, our daily tasks included: checking if the apartments are prepared for the Arrival of the guests, writing welcome cards, preparing the gifts which Palazzo Belfiore provides its guests, publishing articles on Palazzo Belfiore’s website and carrying out various duties in the office. Especially to mention is that in the weeks of our internship we appreciated the extreme kindness by all the members of the staff.

At our arrival, we received a warm welcome and we felt respected and motivated by Federico and the coworkers all the time. For us as business students, the job to assist the manager of a company, was a highly valuable experience not only for our studies but for our future too and we are very thankful for the opportunity that Palazzo Belfiore gave us.