Artist for a Day ~ Exquisite Moments in Florence

Artist for a Day ~ Exquisite Moments in Florence

Artist for a Day ~ Exquisite Moments in Florence

Life is an art: Artist for a Day experiences offer 1/2 day and full-day “slow tours” as well as hands-on painting and drawing “slow art days” in Florence. “Slow” is the concept that  “less is more”~ we slow down to make a personal connection with what has called centuries of travelers, pilgrims, seekers, and artists alike to this splendid city on the river Arno to find that thing that touches the soul. Spend the day with Artist for a Day and see the world like an artist, inspired by an artist & art professor’s passion and expert, engaging way of making your visit a unique chance to open your eyes to the beauty around you, and leave you with a sense of your personal connection to Florence’s rich heritage.

Your slow tour day ~ Museum gems &/or Walking tour

We will take it slowly, wandering on narrow medieval streets to discover the secret history of little-known treasures “hidden in plain sight” that most never notice. In the historical heart of Florence, we will see her most beautiful monuments & sculptures as if walking through an open-air museum and understand her stories, feeling like we are walking in the footsteps of centuries past.

In the two finest Renaissance museums in the world, the Accademia and Uffizi, we will ask questions, engage our curiousity & encounter just a select few of the masterpieces to unlock their depth and substance, so that the forms frozen in cold marble come alive like they did in the hands of Michelangelo, and the colors on the canvases speak to you as they did to DaVinci and Boticelli, & you find you understand their language.  All at once, you feel you are “there & then” in the “here & now”.

Customize your itinerary in any way you wish, such as by combining a walking tour & museum visits, or by spending the day in the lush green countryside just steps outside the old city walls in a private villa wine tasting and walking experience.  Full descriptions on our website


1/2 Day & full-day Slow art Experiences

You will be an artist for a day (or more) & start at absolutely any level, enjoying touching history with your own hands as you paint or draw directly from Florence’s masterpieces, its lively piazzas, peaceful churches, stunning museums, and lush gardens.

Basic skills build step-by-step on each other to give you a flexible and powerful set of drawing or painting tools that will both serve and grow with you across a lifetime.

You enjoy the process, find confidence and a sense of discovery in being able to capture your experience of the moment by experimenting with color, shape, and line.

See with the eyes of an artist, open up to the beauty around you & the joy in life’s small, ordinary-extraordinary details and moments.

 Previous experience? Great! But absolutely none is necessary, because each workshop experience is tailor-made to fit exactly your personal level and needs. Custom workshops are availble to fit any specific requests.

full workshop experience descriptions at:!your-art-day/c1uxb

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