“Aperitivo” in Florence. Our tips

“Aperitivo” in Florence. Our tips
The ”Aperitivo” is an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage that is consumed before meals to stimulate appetite.

It can be a cocktail or an unmixed drink accompanied or not with appetizers. It’s popular in Italy as well as around the world. Many cocktails for the aperitif, such as Negroni, are included in the list of the International Bartenders Association. The alcoholic aperitif can be wine, beer, a distillate, liqueur, bitter, and the like.

Best Places to have “Aperitivo”

“Su alma”

This Bar is opened from Thursday to Sunday. “Su alma” is located in Lorenzo Ghiberti square in the Santa Croce neighbourhood. Su alma offers a combination of seasonal appitizers as well as wines or cocktails.


“Pitta M’Ingolli”

It is a small and original place in the heart of Piazza S. Spirito proposing in its cold and hot buffet finger foods, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

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“Move On”

Move on, a new concept store for vinyls in Piazza Duomo, proposes also an aperitif. Together with the drink, you are served with a tris of appetizers. They select organic and Italian products, such as selected craftbeers.



Galanti in Piazza della Libertà, opens only on Wednesdays, with wines selected by the sommelier. Guests can also choose from a wide variety of simple dishes served at the tables under the porch.

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Another place located on the river Arno is Easy Living:

Beach on the Arno. It is a Restaurant with gourmet menu open for lunch and dinner, happy hour and live music with the famous “Chiosko” and many other scheduled events.

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